A Goodie For Me (And You)

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I haven’t mentioned that while possibly losing a husband I have gained a therapist. The husband is definitely cheaper but the therapist actually listens to me so the trade-off is worth it. Yes, I am paying her to listen but one might say I am paying off my husband to listen to me too…just not in cash…and frankly he does half the job that the therapist does.

Anyway, my therapist has instructed me to do four things every day to take care of myself.

  1. Exercise at least 30 minutes per day. Check. I’ve got this!
  2. Spend time in your own spiritual realm
  3. Mental-Spend time reading, doing something that engages your mind and helps you learn
  4.  Social/emotional- Spend time really being aware about what you are feeling and what those feelings are telling you.

So one of the best things I have been doing for myself the last 10 days is listening to the meditation/hypnosis tapes of Chel Hamilton. They calm me right down and keep that calm surrounding me throughout the day. I believe that Chel has helped me with that horrible yelling habit of mine. She also has done podcasts on finding joy, improving your relationships, increasing self-esteem. Best of all they are short (about 10 minutes) and they are FREE. Chel has a podcast and you can find her here:


Seriously, these are the best 10 minutes I give myself during the day. And it is better than living in my closet trying to escape the chaos outside my door!

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