Today I saw this on Facebook


It got me thinking ….

What if, when I opened my eyes at the first break of dawn, I was grateful to see the sunlight streaming in my window.

What if, when I stumbled into my bathroom all bleary-eyed, I was grateful for indoor plumbing.

What if, when I was making breakfast for my kids, I was grateful to have food to serve them

What if, during the herculean task of getting everyone out the door, I was grateful to have my kids to start my day with.

What if, when folding the mountains of laundry that accumulates around this house, I was grateful to have the luxury of having to fold more than one shirt when so many have only one shirt in tatters

What if, when I turned on the tap, I was grateful to have abundant clean water flowing from it when that basic right is denied to so many

What if, instead of worrying about what I don’t have, I was grateful for all I have been given

What if, instead of wishing B was different, I told him how much I appreciate all that he is.

What if, instead of praying for someone, I showed my gratitude for my fellow humans by buying a homeless person a meal and talking with them while they ate.

What if, when listening to a friend who is going through a rough spot, I gave them my heart and some kind words and I was grateful that what they were experiencing was not what was happening to me

What it, instead of grumbling that my husband forgot to take out the trash (again!), I was grateful for all the chores he did do around the house without me asking.

What if, when feeling sick, I felt grateful that there was medicine that would make me healthy again.

What if, instead of asking B to change, I looked at what needs to change within myself.

What if, when making dinner, I felt grateful for all the people growing my food

What if, instead of being hateful, I was grateful

So what if I were just grateful for everything?

I would be happier, more content, joyful, satisfied, delighted, cheerful, and giving

What a great day that would be!

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