Today It’s Our Turn…319 Days to Fix This


Today and tomorrow is Mommy and Daddy time. Our’s alone. No kids. No Traffic. No deadlines. No chauffeuring kids from here to there. Just the bliss of a quiet twosome.

After many attempts we finally found a sitter to watch the wee ones, the wild ones, the ones that we love. And we have 24 hours to ourselves in a place where we can run around naked, howl at the moon, and indulge in a little romance. Twenty-four hours to cuddle, spoon and do our taxes (I hope he is only kidding!) Twenty-hour hours with no television, no phones and plenty of places to play hide-and-seek.  One day without children who always knock on the door just when we are getting down to the nitty-gritty.

Somehow, I think these will be the shortest 24 hours known to humankind.


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