Date Night…302 Days To Fix This


Ever since B’s declaration that he was considering D.I.V.O.R.C.E. we have been making it a point to have a date night once a week. I can say it is the best thing we have done for ourselves in years.

Under the soft lights over dinner when I am on a date with him, once more I notice:

The soft sea foam blue/green of his eyes as they shine when he looks at me

His laugh, not too-loud, not too-soft, but just right. The kind that warms your heart.

How his smile starts in the left corner of his lip which curls slightly as the smile spreads out over his face.

How easy he is to be around. He brightens my world.

His butt, or lack there of. It still turns me on to watch him walk away from me.

Date night is serious, flirty (which my adult children would say was gross) and full of opportunity. It is a chance to explore the future both with and without each other and in doing so we are coming to think that perhaps the agony of being apart would be much greater than the thought of staying together.

I also notice:

How much time we spend laughing together. B has a sense of humor that slays me.

How B opens up more and shares at least a small part of himself

How much this man still turns me on

All I know for now is that I really enjoy Date sizzles…I just hope I don’t get burned.

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