Rollercoaster..300 Days To Fix This


Its amazing to me

How fast our marriage is unwinding

Like a rollercoaster starting its rapid descent

Twisting and turning

As we zoom towards the bottom

Twenty nine years

Quickly becoming undone in one month

Even though we’ve been on this ride longer than that

And I just didn’t know it

I reach blindly… desperate to find the brake

To stop this madness

To stop the momentum of this swift decline

Knowing that when we reach the bottom

We will no longer have the energy to make another loop

Doomed to crash

Our marriage mangled in the wreckage

And there is left nothing to save us

Not time, not money, not great sex

Not memories, not dreams, not children

Not even grandchildren

Nothing but love

Which acts as the brake

I cannot grab it with my hand

To stop the madness of this ride

That has left us undone

And sitting on opposite ends of the car

That carries us swiftly to our demise

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