Is It Proper To Have Sex In A Monastery…and other unanswered questions


Let’s start out with a full disclosure…this is crass post and I wonder if I should be asking about this at all but… I yam what I yam.

Since we are traveling sans children to Tibet I have been wondering…is it kosher to have sex in a guest house monastery? There appear to be no written rules of etiquette written about this. In my own experience I have discovered the following:

Secluded beach…okay

Movie Theater…not okay

On a horribly long airplane flight…how often do they clean the blankets?

10th Floor of the Hilton in the elevator…okay if you don’t get caught

In front of the police station in your car…definatly not okay

In your parents house when you are unmarried…oh gross

In your parents house when you are married…oh gross

At the Boy Scout Camp at 3 am in the shower? Probably not but it is a little titillating.

On the roof top of a certain hotel in Vegas…oh yes…please!

But a monastery? Even one with a guest house? I just don’t know. It almost seems sacrilegious like “doing it” on the alter or worse… with the alter boy.

In researching the issue it appears that for a person who is seeking to live a monastic life the answer is a definite NO. According to the teachings of various Buddhist monks, that by ridding ourselves of lust and greed we liberate ourselves from unnecessary suffering. And if the intention is to rid ourselves of suffering we must also rid ourselves of those things that cause suffering and sex would obviously be high on that list. BUT…

I am not seeking to live a monastic life, I will be in a guest house and the most important thing…I will be without children. How does this change the dynamics? I do not know. But one thing I do know is I am not going all the way to Tibet to only use my pilate muscles for trekking up a mountain. I only hope we will be smart enough not to get our body parts frozen to things not easily removed.

Oh and FYI whatever you do NEVER google… sex in a monastery…just sayin’…gross!




8 thoughts on “Is It Proper To Have Sex In A Monastery…and other unanswered questions

  1. I for one think that the monks, the world, the peace and harmony they seek and think on, the joy they take in children and the wisdoms they pass to those of us who aren’t committed to the monastic life… I think the monks would be honoured if you boinked the bananas outta your husband… For yin/yang, for prosperity, an offering of love to the world they support. It’s healing. I’m so excited for you. Maybe don’t use their stuff as ad-hoc marital aides, but be respectful and use the privacy you are given and have at it!


  2. My friend went to Tibet before.

    The air pressure is low so you should walk rather than run. So I think it is a good opportunity for you and B to take leisure walk in hand.

    It is perfect fine to make love in monastary motel/room so long as it is closed room *smile*

    Just a caution – don’t make fun of any thing Tibetan people worship and ask them if it is ok to take photo before taking photo.

    They are pious and most of them walk and kneel and pray

    Have a blast with B 😀

    Trust assured that a divorce won’t be on the cards so long as you spend quality time and attention on your B.

    Definitely a trip to Tibet and Bhutan will be one Of the things on my bucket list.

    Wishing you Merry Christmas


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