Gone Missing


I recently realized I have no idea who I really am. That is a hard thing to write at my age.

If you had asked me last year who I was and what I stood for I could have given you a laundry list of my good qualities, the bad ones, my likes and dislikes, my truths, my foibles, the things that I tolerated and the things that I could not. Now I have few clues. I am left holding a bag of pieces, a rope and flashing sign which reads detour ahead.

Sometimes I wonder if this is the definition of  a mid-life crisis because it seems as if I am wiping clean the slate and starting over. Only problem… the cleaner doesn’t do its job and all I am are left with is grimy streaks that just muddy things all up and make clarity a rarity.

Supporters of Sigmund Freud believed that a mid-life crisis was brought about by a fear of impending death. I will confess that thoughts of dying do not keep me awake at night but what I want written on my tombstone does.  I guess that is the writer in me wanting to make sure the final sentence of my life is THE perfect one.

Or maybe this loss of “ME” is as simple as early onset dementia. I cannot seem to remember ANYTHING anymore. In fact, I took one of those on-line memory tests and the outcome was SEE YOUR DOCTOR SOON… at least that is what I think I remember. It used to be that I remembered every telephone number in my head nut now I can’t even find the phone. Maybe who I was is now crammed into the junk drawer in the kitchen between the batteries and the eyeglass repair kit. Who knows…but I do know I cannot find myself anywhere.

When Grandma was 85 she told me that when she would walk by a mirror she would think, “Who is that old lady?” because what she saw didn’t match who she saw in her head which was a 25 year old girl. I laughed when she said it but maybe now it is my issue too. What I see doesn’t reflect back who I think I thought I was…that is before I went missing.

It is shocking to me that his has happened. I mean it took so long for me to “find” myself, a self that I was finally pretty comfortable in, only to lost myself again in the prime of my life. I had gotten used to salesgirls ignoring me, the total absence of wolf whistles and having to buy compression socks when I flew. But this…arriving home to a perfect stranger…  I wish I knew her better…it would make life a whole lot easier for all involved.



7 thoughts on “Gone Missing

    • It always amazes me the shared experience of the human condition…and yet we go off and fight wars…just doesn’t make sense to me! Thanks for your comment!

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  1. I think you’re battling depression or something related to your blogs reason for starting… That can take a huge toll on mental capacity. Don’t jump to conclusions about dementia when you’re obviously struggling with some family and personal and marital stuff. That stress is going to exponentially reduce your capability to function. I know this. I live this. My life is a fucking mess and all I can do is try to hold it together until I gather my centre. You can do it. I think you even know that stuff is.. Wrong. You’re just afraid of saying it for real, which makes a person such as yourself (strong and motivated and self reliant) need to act on it.


    • Really I am not depressed. Even my therapist says so. Just deeply introspective and trying to express ALL the things I am feeling…the good, the bad and the ugly.

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  2. don’t ever do online medical anything. anything. also, there’s a ton going on in your head, husband, children, life, politics, what to cook for dinner, all that. and you’re super bright. you write the most extraordinary words. you’re okay.


  3. I totally empathize with this. I just found my husband is gay- and BOOM- no idea who I am. Here’s to the journey of finding me again?


    • I am so sorry. That is very difficult. My husband is having his own sexuality issues so I can kind of “get” how you are feeling although I don’t know that feeling entirely. I wish you luck. It is challenging to find out who you are but I suspect that you will find in the end you like yourself and respect yourself more!

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