On Making A Decision


Recently I was reading about the effects on our body when we make a decision.  Besides solving problems decision making also has the added benefit of decreasing anxiety and worry. Because making a decision involves setting goals and creating intentional effects it engages the prefrontal cortex which reduces that anxiety you have been carrying around. And because decision making involves a shift in how you perceive the world when this shift happens in calms your limbic system creating a sense of tranquility.

Yet, what about all those times when making a decision feels like it involved two equally difficult or disastrous end points? Well, neuroscientists say to go ahead and “make a good enough” decision. Instead of trying to make the perfect decision “the good enough” decision will decrease stress and make you feel like you are more in control. In fact, just the act of making that decision will give your brain a pleasure boost so that skipping your way through the day seems like a real possibility instead of just dragging your butt somewhere.

So there you go. Make a “good enough” decision…stick with it…and you will find yourself under less stress and feeling good about yourself and your place in the world!

6 thoughts on “On Making A Decision

  1. I really like this post. Thank you. I’ve been in this anxiety-ridden decision-forming process which has started turning me into a shell. Reading your post I remembered the feeling that you have when you make a decision after agonising about possible options – and it is totally right, once you make a decision and you own it, you stop thinking about the other option! I know this is not fully true for a massive life decision (as in, if I decide to divorce, I’ll always have a thought around what if I stayed), but still, it is a much better place than where I am now.


  2. It also goes with “agile” which is a new project management approach- pick a target move towards it with appropriate steps, once you are closer (two weeks and some movement) reassess and adjust as necessary. Perfect from the start isn’t going to be possible most times. Perfect by moving across the board thinking about it like chess- way more likely to yield things


  3. Interesting! In my journey I’ve had to make decisions I never wanted to make… but the act of making a decision, even with options that don’t net the result I want, is still liberating. This post explains it better than I could!


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