When Buying Your Electronics…

Did you know that if you have the “right” credit card  you have protection on your new electronics?

When I bought my MAC two years ago I used my credit card. Two days after buying it I dropped my MAC and it broke at the hinge between the screen and the keyboard. I took it to Apple and they said it would cost $700 to fix…(insert the are you F***ing kidding me sign!) When I told eldest son what happened he told me that often your credit card will cover problems with your new electronics for the first 30 days so I called and lo and behold he was right. I turned in my estimate from Apple and my CC company sent me a check for the cost of repairs. ONLY…and here is the BIG one…I never repaired it….until now.

The until now is happening because all of a sudden my computer is exhibiting big swathes of black across the screen here and there. So I am taking my computer in to be fixed after these past two years of coasting.  So who knows how long I will be off line.Going cold turkey will be difficult…maybe I should take up a new hobby like drinking. especially because I am going to a bagpipe festival this weekend. But until I am back have some great days, connect with someone, and check to see if your CC covers damage to your electronics!


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