End Of Marriage Or Beginning of Acceptance?

Today was not one of my prouder days as a mother. Constant issues, constant disrespect, constant ways of intentionally pushing my buttons by Andre in a most difficult and autistic way. It’s a pattern and unfortunately I sometimes allow myself to get sucked up into it even though I know better. And it disappoints me as a mother and as a human being when I react while being poked with an intentional stick instead of laughing and walking away. I was downhearted due to my handling of the situation and I even (god forbid) yelled…something I have been successful at avoiding like the plague since the July.

I fell asleep while listening to a meditation and awoke to the call to dinner. Seems B had come home early and heard I had a rough time of things through Paul. He had made dinner to help out but I clearly saw the disappointment in his eyes.

Later I asked if he wanted to take a walk during which I poured out my soul about myself, how the day went and what I was feeling. As we walking and I was having this heartfelt conversation we were getting ready to turn at our “normal” spot when I said I would like to keep walking and B replied he wanted to get home so he could play his bagpipe.SCREECH! BING-BAM-BOOM. It felt as though he SUCKER PUNCHED me.  I told him I would keep walking by myself because it was obvious where his priorities lie. He said, “No I will come with you” but I sent him home. The possibilities for closeness and understanding felt broken. And for a while all I could think of was that that was the exact moment when my marriage ended because I realized the futility of it all. But in truth that is not what I really want because I still love this man even though I no longer understand him.

Yet, as I walked I began to think about all that was going on and wonder…  is this relationship as it stands now enough for me? Is half of a walk good enough or do I need more? Do I want someone who will listen to me until I decide that I am done whether that’s 2 minutes, 20 minutes or 2 hours… or… do I accept that this is all I will get? Can I just be grateful for a walk? Can I just accept a good gesture instead of a great one? Can I be happy with the wonderful things I get from this man and not concentrate on what I am not getting and being hurt in the moment due to his inability to respond like I would like him to? Why do I feel so vulnerable and raw all of the time? Can’t I just be happy in the way he wants me to be? Because that is all he wants…for us to be happy. As Nicole said “He wants happiness and unicorns on his terms because he doesn’t want to deal with any messes.”

Later when we were laying in bed we discussed the situation and of course he felt hurt (seems like we just keep feeling hurt by the other lately) I asked him when was it you realized that I wasn’t everything you wanted/needed but you decided to accept it and he replied  without a moments hesitation,”I don’t know ten, eight or maybe five years ago.” And truly, I felt shattered that he had been walking around for that long knowing and I didn’t have a clue. Because until tonight I had never thought about it that way. Maybe I should have.



5 thoughts on “End Of Marriage Or Beginning of Acceptance?

  1. I get tears in my eyes as I read this. You and B have so much going for you. Mainly, you do manage to communicate. He cannot be everything for you. You cannot be everything for him. But maybe, just maybe, the bits that you do have for each other, which are quite a fucking lot, are enough?


  2. The hardest thing to accept is that children often tear couples apart. You expend so much of your energy on your children that you have a little left for him. I have no idea the ages of your children but the two of you need to carve out time so you just enjoy each other. You do not have to have heart-to-heart talks all the time. In fact most men are completely disinterested in what they call verbal vomit. We have had a major loss in our family this year and my husband has made two comments about it. Still, it was very clear how extremely painful this is for him. He just cannot discuss it. I accept that about him. In my job I have found that most men are not nurtured by their spouses. It does not have to be anything but just paying attention, giving a hug and acting glad to see him. I am not talking about being doormats. I just mean he might act tough but he isn’t. Walking with you while you vented was giving you love. Leaving to play his bagpipes signaled his inability to fix it and it is hard for a man to feel that. There is no perfect marriage but there can be a good one.


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