Thoughts On Betrayal


It is interesting to me

The number of people who have said

“This doesn’t sound right.”

“Are you sure he isn’t having an affair?”

“You should hire a private detective and find out.”

But I don’t believe he is seeing someone else

And even if I did

I would rather have him live with his own guilt,his own fear, and his lies

Than for me have to live with his betrayal

There was a time I would never have thought this way

Maybe its age or maybe its wisdom,

But whatever it is I want him to feel the whole impact

Of his actions

And I don’t want to feel it

Until/ or if this marriage is done.

I don’t want to take on

What is his to carry

On his own two shoulders

Let his legs buckle under the weight of it all

Not mine




5 thoughts on “Thoughts On Betrayal

  1. We may all have opinions but they’re just that and nothing more. In the end you have to do what is right for you. Hope that you’re right and we’re bat shit crazy. …..Wishing you well.


      • Hope that you’re right and ( they’re ) bat shit crazy. Full disclosure here….I went through MLC in my family (included a workplace whore) so I am bat shit crazy. Thankfully not certifiable and expected to make full recovery. Lot to be said for whine and cheese sessions with friends. Good luck.


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