My Husband’s Body-10 Minute Poem Challenge

I know your body like I know my own

I think of that scar on your left arm and how it got there

I know the lines in your hands and around your eyes

I feel the softness of your palm before your fingers touch me

I see your eyes light up when I get you in the mood

I watch you as your hips sway and tip to the left as you climb into bed

And I know how quickly you arise to the occasion

When your body is touched lightly in that spot between your belly and nipples

Which harden instantly even at the most inappropriate times

I know just how long you can last before getting to the point of no return

And see you close your eyes  and open your mouth softly as you reach your peak

Only to come down making sure to pleasure me

And I miss you and me coming together

To make our bodies unite as one

For I know your body like my own

And mine is aching for yours


I just ran out of batteries

And left that orgasm behind

I just ran out of batteries

How could life be so unkind?

Right in the middle

Of a sweet little diddle

That orgasm got up and went

So where’s my keys?

And where’s my wallet?

If I hurry really fast

Perhaps I can restore it

I just ran out of batteries

Life is just so unfair

I just ran out of batteries

But I ain’t going anywhere

Whats done is done

Whats over is over

The store is closed

Off went my motor

I just ran out of batteries

So I’ll just say goodnight














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