10 Minute Poem Challenge-Slowly Walking

As I walk the cliffs with you

The ocean sparkles below

Like the diamond

You gave me so many years ago

A diamond of hope and promise

So many of which were broken

Over the years

By both of us

Intentional and unintentional

Causing a slow moving

 And churning tsunami

That crept over the break wall


Us as it roared

To shore

Today I look at you

In a new light

And I see that

Your eyes crinkle

When you laugh now

Your is hair salt and pepper

Instead of black

But now you have a

Glimmer of love in your eyes

When you see me for who I am

And not for who

You wish I would be

It’s a start, anyway

And as the sun shines upon

Your thinning hair

 I get a glimpse

Of how things

Used to be

And I think

That I am falling in love

With you

All over again

How did we let

Our marriage suffer

In ways to0 painful

To remember

But so difficult

To forget?

How did those days

Drift by


Like like a 100 year roof

Sagging in on the people

It is suppose to protect?


Yet, as I walk along with you

I see we getting ahead

Slowly but surely

Getting back to a new place

A place where I think

We can find peace

And understanding

With each other again

A place  of joy

And Friendship

And of course

Great sex…

That really never left

Even when everything

Else did

And so I walk the cliffs

With you

The wind blowing

Harsh and strong

Taking our troubles

Out to sea

Away from us

To somewhere distant


Far away from what was

But now isn’t

And I get a glimpse

Of how things

Used to be

And I think

That I am falling in love

With you

All over again

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