My husband texted me from Boy Scout Camp where he has been the past week. This is what he wrote:

“I do not have the love and passion that is required for me to sustain our relationship. Please forgive. I ask for your grace and dignity.”

There it is. Thirty years down the drain.

14 thoughts on “D.I.V.O.R.C.E.

  1. In a text message? Fuck. I hope you show your kids what a goon this bag of dicks is. You have borne the brunt of raising them to be real and emotionally engaged all on your own for far too long and covered for his with-holding garbage. What a Dick. Ugh. That’s it. Change the locks. Accept the kids back and turn him away. F this.


  2. ” I ask for your grace and dignity” …..obviously because he has none of his own. You gave it your all and he sends a text. He knew through this whole process where he was going, what a fucktard. I’m so sorry he did that to you, you didn’t deserve it. Peace your way.

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  3. Just got on WordPress and saw this. Wow. Saying I’m sorry seems so trite after being allowed a glimpse into how hard you’ve worked to improve yourself and your marriage. My heart hurts for you and I echo the others – what a fucking dick move to send that message in a text. ((Hugs))


  4. Another thing…he asks for your grace and dignity. That smells of another woman to me. I apologize for just throwing that out, but it does.


  5. I’m glad he’s finally made a decision, even though it’s not the one you were hoping for. Now you can move on, and be the very best You for yourself and your kids, without him to pull you down.

    I agree with Blooming Shadow about another woman, but then, I suspect all men are cheaters after what I’ve gone through. (Sorry😔)

    By text message – what a coward.

    Hang in there, dear.


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