Sometimes when we whisper in the dark, your face black and empty, no expression to catch or change,

I wonder if the things you whisper back to me are true or do you just say the things you think I want to hear?

Why do you tell me the most important things in the cloak of darkness, your face hidden from view?

Do your words mean less or more to you in the quiet of the night?

Or do you just say them because you can get away with them, when I cannot see those subtle nuances flicker across your lips?

When I cannot see the truth or cannot get lost in your smile

Why do you say the most important things in the dark?

Is it because I cannot see who you are so I miss what is truly meant?

I wish you would look me in the eye and whisper those words

Not under the cover of darkness

But exposed and naked in the bright light.

Then I would know what you really mean.

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