I Must Be Having A Ying/Yang Kind Of Day…UNPROTECTED



Our relationship was unbalanced from the beginning.
You used me to do your bidding
Keeping yourself unblemished
While I fought your battles with your mother
And your family… one in the same
For you did not want to be tarnished
You did not want to take the chance to express or expose yourself
So I took chances for you
And expressed your thoughts when you couldn’t or wouldn’t.
I protected you when you could not protect yourself
But again and again you have thrown me to the pride
Your relationship with them built on my back
So you are the hero
I shouldn’t have fought those battles for you
I was young, naive
I thought that was part of what love was
Protection and standing up for the one you love
Now you have the luxury of blaming me
For the way things are
I wear the scars from those battles
And you run free
While I crawl away from the wreckage
My back unprotected by you
You have failed to stand up for me
You’ve had 30 years of opportunities
But chose not to use them
And all these years later
I stand here defeated and alone
And you wonder why
I feel disappointed and unprotected

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