No Filter


One of the things about Autism that is so endearing/maddening is the utter lack of a filter that Andre has.  Whatever he thinks…is what is said. We usually get comments from friends like, “Andre manages to say what most of us wish we could say but aren’t brave enough to do so.”

So yesterday the boys saw a picture of me from about 20 years ago and Andre told B that I looked sexy. It was one of those that they did your hair, makeup and dressed you in nice clothes. Glamour Shots. Now defunct. Like me.

So today I said to Andre “I hear you told Dad that I looked sexy in that picture in the garage.”

Andre: “Yeah I can tell that back then you WOULD have looked cute in a bathing suit.”

Me: “How can you tell that?”

Andre: “It’s a guy thing mom. Every guy can tell whether on not a girl will look good in a bathing suit. But what I really want to know is what happened to you?”

Me: (thinking I probably should not ask and just let things lie) “What do you mean?”

“So is it the fat part of you or the age part of you that got out of hand or is it both?”

“No, it’s the having kids part that did it to me.”

“But I hear people say having kids makes you stay young. It obviously didn’t work for you.”

“And it won’t work for you either!”

Andre: “Perhaps I will create a dinosaur instead of having kids! But… then I would have to worry if it would eat people!”


“See mom you have it really easy. At least you don’t have to worry if I am going around biting people’s heads off!”

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