The Passionate Journey


Feeling your body under mine

As we ride to far away places

In that custom saddle we created so long ago

I am reminded that the first part of our odyssey

Made me feel warm, safe, and secure

Believing that passion and love would serve us well

For many years to come

Yet, as the journey continued through our ages

To different and strange unexplored lands

I found that as we rode together we

Struggled to stay insync to the pounding rhythm of life and each other

In this saddle we created and shined to perfection together

Oh so many years ago

Then slowly our bodies began to move to different beats

The spark no longer igniting when flesh richcheted against flesh

Our timing aberrant from what had come before

Akwardly and in silence we rode through valleys so deep and low

They threatened to pull us under

As we wrapped ourselves each in our own protective gear

Bracing ourselves and sitting deep in the saddle spooning

No longer astride one another

During this long exhausting ride

The passion for this particular pilgrimage waning

The heat that once kept us warm

Cooling to small embers and threatening

To extinguish themselves all together

As the light faded and disappeared behind the mountains before us

No longer straddling one atop the another on this migration

But one of us down… crawling on the ground

Pulling the stead and partner alongimages-5

By some silent force of nature

That was unwilling to give up or give in

But yet we pressed on

Scraping raw our knees

Scooping out our souls

Our sexual natures vanished somewhere within Mother Nature herself

We traveled wearily like this for so long

Lost, together… yet alone

Until in desperation we finally reached out for the reins to steady and guide us

The accidental brushing together of two souls

Once again serving to remind us of all we have endured

And all we have yet to discover

So now we join hands to do battle

Against all that has kept us apart from one another

And we fight Mother Nature to reclaim our sexuality

The passion igniting our bodies and sweeping us together

And once again we quiver deep within one another

Grinding deep within that saddle

As we climb to the pinnacle of our lives

Looking over the ridge to the future that awaits us

Hanging on for dear lifeĀ together once again

Our devotion rekindled each for the other

In that saddle that was custom made the two of us

In which we fit together so well

No longer afraid

But curious about where we will end up

On this sojourn through married life

2 thoughts on “The Passionate Journey

  1. I am so curious about your husband. I feel like I am getting to know you, albeit in cyberspace, and have (I think) a good sense of your questioning, intense, open, honest, searching nature. I don’t yet have a sense of who he is, other than – GODDAMMIT, he is lucky to have you.


    • Sometimes I don’t know who is he because I am not sure he knows who he is but this I do know.. he is a wonderful and kind father, a Boy Scout leader, able to lead people and those who work with/for him in a kind and gentle way so that they want to do better, he works hard but is able to balance work with family life in a healthy way, a fantastic lover because I trained him well and I expect his next wife should be putting flowers on my grave weekly in thanks, that he finds it hard to express his feelings and he uses humor to deflect them, that he saved his brothers life and he probably saved mine, that he thinks logically rather than allowing emotions to lead him intuitively and spontaneously. That at this point in his life he is seeking peace, is worried about retirement in another 10 years and his sexuality to buzzing as he realizes he is aging into a possibly uncomfortable place, he is a rock recently loosened by his own personal earthquakes and he is confused. He is tired of people relying on him but couldn’t stand that they would not. He finds contentment much easier than I. He is spiritual attending church and still feels unassigned guilt from his early experiences in the Catholic church. He is a good friend and works in service organizations. He is the kind of guy you want your daughter to marry and the kind of man you want holding your hand when you die. B also cares deeply about his family and his grandchildren. He is a man going through a mid-life crisis who wants to do right but is not sure what that is in regards to his future. He is sexy, easy to look at and a man that most women would love to be married to. He is a man who needs to be honest with himself but doesn’t know how to live with what he might find out. He tries very hard to do what is right. And like most of us he is a bundle of contradictions.


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