Minimum Days

images-14Too Bad My Kids Don’t

All across my school district

I hear the mothers sigh

Another minimum day for the kids

Oh why…oh why… oh why?

If they are forced to wake them up

Before the birds do fly

Surely the district can keep them there

Until the afternoon arrives

But no you will bring your kids

For half a day at best

Then you will turn around and fetch them

While your house remains a mess

The usually quite afternoon

Becomes quite the verbal brawl

As kids run and out of the house

Poor mom, the referee of all

And so I would curse the district

This idea put into place

But I’m too tired and weary

As I run back and forth in haste

4 thoughts on “Minimum Days

  1. so you know here in johannesburg we are having a water crisis. the school down the road from me has 700 kids. for 2 days they had no water. but the kids had to go to school because most are from poor families and so there was no-one to look after them at home. it is safer at school, in the searing heat and without water. i moaned and groaned about having to buy bottled water and about driving up and down to get it, about not being able to do my washing, etc, but the school kids kind of put in perspective for me.


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