Unicorns And The Republican Health Care Plan

I just had to write about a friend’s post on Facebook and what it digressed into.


Comment One: “I bet unicorns have better insurance than we do!”

Comment Two: “They aren’t covered. Having a horn is a pre-existing condition!”

Comment Three: ” No…a horn too much resembles erect penis…they love those!”

Comment Four: “You’re right, a horn does resemble an erect penis and they cover those…except in the case of Fred and Mary Trump and that was truly an uncovered disASSter!




Congressional Rat Basturds






3 thoughts on “Unicorns And The Republican Health Care Plan

  1. Whether it’s law or not, insurance companies CAN cover pre-existing conditions if they want to. They can cover all sorts of things, really. But they usually don’t want to. I think that is where the real problem is and I think that is where it should get fixed.


      • That’s why I think people should protest and blame and get mad at the insurance companies, not the government. Take out the middle man and go straight to the source!


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