Cheater-How Long Will You Wait?


You remind me that when you first asked for the “maybe divorce” I asked for a year to try and make our marriage better. Now, 2 1/2 years later, me doing the hard work of psychotherapy, and you working your dick into a constant state of arousal as you thought about her; you want 6 months to show you that you do love me and want to be with me…FOREVER. So let me ask you:


How long will you wait for me to decide our fate?

Will you still wait for me even if it takes as many days

As the number of times you thought of her?

Will you still wait for me

The number of days that you fucked her

Slow and steady

Creating a woman whose perfection

Existed only in your mind?


Will you wait as many months

As the number of times you were fucking me

The mother of your children

While you were thinking of her?

Will you wait

As often as you contemplated divorcing me

While you imagined her

So easily replacing me

And taking up my space in your life?

How many days are you willing to wait?

Is it the number of slutty pictures you exchanged

Over your company phone

Bringing down the house of cards

On which your bodies were forever imprinted

Or the number of times you were messenging her

While I waited in the bedroom for you alone?

Will you wait

As long as you made me

CHANGE who I was in order

To be more like her?

Will you still be there

If it takes me the number of

Lost kisses and missed opportunities?

That you denied us

Because you felt guilty for betraying her?

Will you wait for me if it takes

Me 2 1/2 years to decide that

That I might no longer love you?

Or the number of days that I acted the fool

Believing I was your one and only

When she was across the ocean

Believing so too?

How many days will you wait?

The number of days you have

Shortened my life due to the

worry and pain you have inflicted

Upon my sad and trusting soul?

Or will you wait

The number of days

That equal the number of dollars

That you sent to her

Or the number of dresses she bought

With which to turn you on

When you took them off in your head

Maybe you will wait for the

Same amount of time that you

Have put me through hell

All 921 Days                     download-6

All 132 Weeks

All 30 Months

All 22,104 Hours

All 1,326,240 Minutes

All 79,574,400 Seconds

Or Will You Be A Coward

And Will You Wait Until Tomorrow?








4 thoughts on “Cheater-How Long Will You Wait?

  1. I’m afraid his track record suggests the bet go on coward.

    Been thinking about you this week, hoping you are able to find peace with whatever ultimately happens. Couldn’t care less about B’s peace by the way 🤗

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  2. He had 2 years he said he was working at it too. And he continually told you that the failure was yours to own. Why give him a day more? Ugh. So hard. Someone else suggested you need to get tested. I fully agree. I am baffled by this … weird turnaround. All of a sudden when you actually know what your life is doing… when you have fair access to some info… all of a sudden you are worth fighting For? Not someone worth discarding. Which is what he has been dangling in front of you for years. Now he wants it. My life is your life, perhaps that’s why it smarts so much.

    Go to chumplady and read about genuine naugahyde remorse. PleAse.


  3. There is no magic number. He made this mess. Time to take responsibility. If he’s sincere, he’ll wait for as long as it takes. And when the time comes, if you decide to go instead of stay, he will have to understand and not stand in your way.

    Some of the best advice I received was not to make quick decisions. There is no hurry. Take some time to breathe.

    I agree with Blooming Shadow about getting tested. It’s better to know for sure that you have negative tests than to wonder. Also – are you sure this is the only one?


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  4. Ball is in your court, take your time and do what is right for you. As I mentioned before, not only should you get tested right away but insist that he also get tested. Believe nothing he says because cheaters are liars. Believe in yourself and fasten your seatbelt, it’s going to be a rough ride. I really detest cheaters and the whore’s they rode in on. Cheating not only wounds the entire family, it leaves scars, no matter what the outcome. I was so hoping you were right and we were wrong. So sorry.

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