Getting Back To Life


When I started this blog I made a promise to myself that I would write everyday and have pretty much stuck to that come hell or high water. I made this commitment out of a primal need to express myself after B had talked about a “maybe” divorce. This was/is my safe place to vent those things weighing heavily on my mind. It was/is a place I could use to say the words I needed to say but not always to B because they were too painful and raw. Blogging was my escape from life in the sense I could look at my life as if I was an outsider and consider it as such. I thank everyone who has read what I have written and given me a nudge, a kind word, or pointed things out that I needed to consider. So many people have helped me on this journey.

Recently however, I have decided I must get back in the game of my life. In my “real” life I write magazine articles and since the “maybe divorce” I put those assignments on hold. I also stopped working on the three novels and a child’s picture book that are all in various forms of disarray. While the blog has been helpful in that it helped ensure that I didn’t check out all together, it has also taken up time that I probably need to use to complete what I started and finish SOMETHING… ANYTHING. So while I will continue writing, maybe still on a almost daily basis, I have decided to allow myself a little flexibility. We shall see what happens!


Of course, now that I have written this I will probably blog more than ever…go figure!



3 thoughts on “Getting Back To Life

  1. Goof move! Your life doesn’t need to be in limbo even if B decided to put your marriage there. Plus, it doesn’t seem like your marriage is in that same place either. We move through places and come out the other side. You’ve shown that in a brave and vulnerable way. Thank you!@


  2. I think it’s the time of year where we all start questioning what we’re doing.
    good luck.
    blog more.
    blog less.
    blog as much as you want really, I always enjoy reading you.
    and mostly – it has been very nice to meet you over here.


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